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JP1 v2 StandardCost-EffectiveUser-Friendly

JP1 v2 is the entry level of the MS’s machines range. It is a high-speed dye-sublimation printer designed for offering a good compromise between production speed and quality output. JP1 v2 is the right choice for those willing to expand their business in the sublimation market with a limited investment.



Soft Signage

Flag and Banners

3D materials and promotional



Productivity 65 sqm/h



Multi-stage pressurizing mechanism
It enhances media feed stability for a wider range of media by selecting the pressure mode (4 stages: high/middle/low/partial)

Automatic Bi-Directional adjustment
The built-in colour sensor on the carriage achieves “Automatic Bi-Directional adjustment”, saving time and reducing variation in adjustment among operators.

The printing heads.
JP1 v2 is equipped by latest generation 1440 nozzle piezo heads (DX7) assuring high-quality output in any printing condition.

Close system with dedicated inks
The ink was created to guarantee the best stability and colour yield; the ink profile is completed by a dedicated waveform assuring the best drop size accuracy.

Print Head Program
JP1 v2 benefits from a 12-months PHP reimbursement program (Print Head Program) by MS, providing full protection to the customers.

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Developing sustainable technologies is our responsibility towards future generations. Thus, we have adhered to the “Sustainable Technologies” project sponsored by ACIMIT; its aim is to promote printing equipment which make smart use of: energy, chemicals and water resources. Project members undertake to: sign the project regulation; undergo the screening tests led by an authority for achieving the Green Label; apply “Supplier of Sustainable Technologies” logo to all the machines which have been awarded a Green Label.

Printing Technology Scanning
Printing Width 1600
Max Nr° of colors up to 8
Nr° of Print Heads 2
Max Speed: 2xCMYK 65 sqm/h
Printing Resolution (dpi) up to 1440 x 1440
Print head native resolution (dpi) 180 dpi x 8 raw
Drop Size from 3,3 to 45pl
Inks System CLOSED
Software System OPEN
Head crash protective system -
Heated driven pressure roll -
Embedded web server for cost report
Qwizard hardware -
Wi-Fi Remote Control
Local printing queue management system
Acimit Green Label -
Print Head program
The printing speeds have been recorded on different printing conditions. Please check specifics concerning printing mode and printing width in the related brochure.
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Quality and reliability are a matter of details

Same Print Result (SPR) concept is at the core of our conviction and characterizes the entire range of MS products. For us it would be inconceivable to approach a new digital industrial printing technology without being able to multiply the productions in the future.
But it would be even more inconceivable to multiply the productions having to change the existing color-charts, without get the same chromatic printing results due to the use of different printing.
SPR means being able to choose any MS machine with the confidence that it can reproduce the same coloristic results, using the same printing conditions