Ecovapor VLD 110M

The Ecovapor is the result of an intensive study carried out by MS Printing Solutions with the aim to improve the color yield of the treated fabric and reduce drastically the use of urea in the printing paste. Ecovapor is a revolutionary loop steamer with the following salient characteristics:


The “must” of the steaming process is that the fabric arrives in the chamber with a certain degree of humidity in order to guarantee a perfect color yield and fixation. Therefore, MS research team has designed a new entry that aims at preparing the fabric in the best way to obtain a perfect result.

*this feature is available on steamers from 110 m fabric content and up

Fabric Capacity 110 M



Real steam saturation
The MS sophisticated system generates the saturated steam directly in the steamer, assuring that the fixation process is always carried out in completely saturated steam. This increases colors’ intensity and brightness and reduces the urea content in the printing paste, for a more environmentally friendly process.

Continuous movement of the fabric transport chains
The continuous movement of the chains transporting the sticks is very important to avoid the two printed sides of each fabric loop inside the steaming chamber touching each other.
This mainly when treating digitally printed fabrics that have a higher tendency to color smearing due to the ink characteristics.

Automatic distance adjustment between folds from 100 to 200mm is crucial when processing very delicate digital printed fabrics

Short loop length
The maximum loop length in the Ecovapor steamer is only 2 m! The shorter the loop length the more regular the loops will be. Therefore, MS has chosen to keep a loop length of max. 2 m, assuring the U-shaped of the loop, rather than a V-shaped which could generate the big risk of the two printed sides of the fabric touching each other.

Advantage of MS system
Ecovapor generates the steam directly in the machine. This process assures consistency in the results.

Steam saving
MS steamer has been equipped with a steam conditioning circuit inside the chamber in order to avoid consuming further fresh steam during the process and thus saving energy and obtaining the best possible fixation at the lowest cost.

Fabric Capacity 110 m
Roller Width 220 to 340 cm
Saturated Steam Operation 102-106 °C
Steam Consumption 500 to 600 kg/h
High Temperature Operation 180 °C
Diathermic Oil Temperature 260 °C
Installed Thermic Power - Gas burners 206364 kcal/h - n.2 gas burners
Installed thermic power 64000 kcal/h
Working Speed 2,2-20 m/min
Dwell Time 5,5 to 50 min
Installed electric power 101 kVA
Compressed Air Consumption 2 l/min
Compressed Air Supply 6 bar